Forgive One Another (Week 2 – One Another Series)
Jason White




Forgiving someone is not always easy, but as a new creation in Christ, we are to forgive one another as the Lord forgave us. Being completely forgiven and justified in Christ is what frees us to be able to forgive and reconcile. Colossians 3:13 Ephesians 4:32






Sermon Audio Transcript
And he will give you what it is that you need to forgive those who have hurt you and mistreated you. In the same way he has a faithful God, you're in a spiritual union with Him. And so you have access to his love, you have access to his strength, you have access to his power, you have had access to his forgiveness, to be at work in you and through you. And for some of you, maybe that's something that just happened to you this morning on the way to church, right? Because that is the time where Satan attacks a lot of times when we're on our way with our families, and in the hustle and bustle for some of you, it may be something that happened a week ago, a month ago, a few months ago. For others of you, it may be something that happened a really long time ago in your own life. I had an older gentleman who if I remember right had to be in his early 80s came to me after one of my messages one time on forgiveness. And he had he had tears in his eyes. I mean, honestly, they were running down his face. And once he collected himself, he said, Jason, I have not spoken to my son, my own son in over 20 years. I said, Man, I'm so sorry. I can't believe that's what happened to you. But what is it that happened? What was it that caused this and I'll never forget it because he just looked at me with kind of this glaze over his eyes. And he said, Jason, I honestly don't even know. Like, like it was either so long ago that he didn't even remember what had happened in that moment. Or he never even quite understood what it was in that moment that had happened that had caused this. And now 20 years had gone by me, let's be honest, that's the thing. A lot of times things can happen that are so small, and are so incidental, they get turned into the biggest thing ever. And the longer they go, it's that weight and the burden and you make it and it just festers. And the next thing you know, it's like it's like 20 years, and you hadn't even talked to your own son to your own family, that maybe some of you have had something similar happen in your own life, maybe there's someone that you love a family member, close friend, maybe you remember exactly what it was that happened. Maybe you don't even remember. But it's been 20 years, it's been longer, you've never talked to him, You still haven't forgiven them. Maybe Jesus is saying today, it's time to let it go. It's time to let it go. Maybe it's time to approach them and tell them that you forgive them. seek understanding, try to talk through this with them. Which really brings me to one of the last things I want to say about this, when we're talking about forgiving one another. Guys, the ultimate goal is not just to forgive, but to reconcile the forgiving one another is the step towards Jesus wanting to reconcile and restore the relationship that was broken between you two when that thing occurred between you two? Now, sometimes that's not possible. It may not be possible because the person who hurt you in some way is no longer here. Maybe they've passed away. And of course, if that's the situation, you're not able to look towards reconciling with them, or maybe whatever it was that happened to you, and whoever it is that did that thing to you, it's unsafe for you to actually try to reconcile that relationship. Those would be exceptions to the rule. And of course, the other thing is even if the person is still alive, and and even if it's safe to pursue reconciliation, the person that you approach may not be open to reconciling in that relationship. Anyway. And of course, you can't do much about that, unfortunately. But it does not mean that you can't forgive them. It doesn't mean that you can't trust Jesus to quit holding that offense against them. And in those situations, I would encourage you to pray for them sincerely, and that God would open open up their heart and that you guys would be able to reconcile, and I would say secondly, to give them time. You can't go to someone in those situations say hey, man, I've forgiven you. I want to reconcile Hurry up Let's go get busy on this already said it was okay, right? You have to give people time you got to be patient, you gotta allow Jesus the time to do the same work that he's done in your life in what he's got to do in their life as well simply let them know that your heart is to reconcile and that you're there, if and when they are ready to talk. Now that can be scary. That's not an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, the guy that came to me after the service, he was crying, I'd talked to my son and 20 years, that's what he told me. I encouraged him, I said, Ma'am, would would you be brave enough to trust Jesus to go to him and talk to him, I can't do that. I'm scared. I'm too scared to do that. And I had to say, Listen, Jesus will give you what it is that you need, if you'll trust him. With that. said, Now, if you do go, keep in mind, you can't go into one of those situations. And the best way to approach those situations is through humility, right? You've got to walk into that situation and say, Man, I'm not here to fight. I'm, I'm so sorry. For what happened between us. I'm here to ask for forgiveness. I'm here to seek understanding about the situation and what went wrong between us. I'm here to learn about whatever it is that I can do to help us work through this and maybe potentially just one day be on the other side of this thing. And if that's you, maybe that's how Jesus would lead you into that kind of situation as well. I'm so proud of him, because he eventually did take that step in his life. And it wasn't magic, they didn't become best friends, again, overnight. But again, as he made himself available, and walked in humility, and trusted Jesus with it, they did begin to take steps of reconciliation, he was able to restore his relationship with his grandkids and start to be in their lives again, before he eventually passed not too much longer, after these things happened. And so again, just know that you can't control what everyone else will do. But guys, you can trust Jesus to forgive others through you. So first of all, you don't have to carry around that big weight that gets heavier and heavier in the way it has so many negative effects on your own life. And trust that Jesus secondarily will give you what it is that you need to at least make yourself available to be a willing to restore, and reconcile the relationships when it's appropriate to do so. And so as we turn our attention to the Lord's Supper and the way we close our timeout together, today, I'm just simply ask you, is there someone that the Lord is telling you that you need to forgive today? Is there someone that he's laid on your heart is we're going to be reminded about the complete forgiveness that Jesus is offering to us? Was we look at the bread and we see the juice, and we're reminded of the sacrifice that he made for us. Is there someone that he's telling you, you need to forgive today? If so, when I encourage you when the elements are being passed out, and Emily's going to begin to sing this song about the blood and the forgiveness that we have, and you're reflecting upon those lyrics with you, go to Jesus, and ask him to give you what you need to be able to forgive them today begin to pray for them, and that you will be able to restore the relationship that Jesus has put on your mind today in if that's not you. There isn't any one in particular, than Would you just use this time to pray and ask Jesus to help you walk in forgiveness as offenses occur as mistakes occur, that you would be the kind of person that forgives quickly and looks to reconcile quickly each and every single time those things happen to you. And then finally, maybe you're here today, and you've heard me talk about all this complete forgiveness in Christ. And that's the basis for forgiving others. And you would say, Well, I've never yet taken a step of faith to receive Jesus's forgiveness in my life. And maybe that's what you need to spend your time praying about as these elements are passed out. Because Jesus accomplished all the work on the cross when He said, It is finished, right, the works finished and he offers that complete forgiveness as a gift. It doesn't cost you anything, but just like any gift, you have to accept it for it to be yours. And so would you accept that gift today by placing your faith and trust in Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, however, Jesus is leading you to respond? You listen and trust Him and respond however he is leading to you are leading you to do so as the elements are being passed out.