Sunday School Groups

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Connect Through Life With Others

We believe discipleship happens best in groups that share life together. The best place to find that connection at Colonial Hills is in one of our Sunday School Groups. If you need help finding or choosing a group to check out, please email us.


9:45 AM Sundays

All of our Sunday School Groups meet at 9:45 AM on Sunday Mornings

Sunday School Groups

Multi-Generational Groups
Multi-Generational Groups
  • The Gathering
    (topical discussion w/life together emphasis)
    – Age: 25+ – Aaron/Brittany Dickey
    North Bldg – N224
  • Streams – Women’s Group
    (Lecture w/ discussion)
    Age: 25-65 – Teacher: Jerri Grace
    South Building – S115
  • Cornerstone Class
    (Lecture and discussion mixed)
    Age: 20’s-80’s –  Teacher: Dudley Holdeman
    North Building – N217
Young Adults
Young Adults
  • The Orchard
    Age: 20-35 – Teacher: Sam Davis
    North Building – N222
  • Launchpad
    Age:17-30 – Teacher: Janet Hurley
    North Building – N225
Median Adults
Median Adults
  • Lighthouse
    (Lecture w/ discussion)
    Age:35+ – Teacher: Johnny Burchfield
    North Building – N221
  • Cornucopia
    Age 35+ Teacher: Michael Curtis
    North Building – N226
Encore! (55+)
Encore! (55+)
  • Freedom Class
    (Lecture w/ discussion)
    Age 55+ – Teacher: Varies
    Family Life Center – F155
  • Journey Class
    (Lecture and discussion mixed)
    Age: 55+ – Teacher: Ken Baxter
    Family Life Center – F154
  • Women of Hope
    Age 55+ – Teacher: Barbara Freeman
    South Building – S117A
  • Prayer Warriors
    (Lecture w/ discussion)
    Age: 70-90 – Teacher: Paul & Linda Williamson
    Family Life Center – F164
  • LIFE Class – Men
    (Lecture w/ discussion)
    Age: 60+ – Teacher: Lloyd Nichols
    South Building – S119B
  • Joy Class
    (Lecture w/ discussion)
    Age: 85+ – Teacher: Mark Virden
    South Building – S117
  • Dayspring Class
    Women (Lecture w/discussion)
    Age 75+ – Teacher: Janice Edmonson
    South Building – S118
  • Disciples Class
    Men (Lecture w/discussion)
    Age 75+ – Teacher: Chuck Edmonson
    South Building – S118A

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Need Some Help?

We would be thrilled to help you find the Connect Group that is perfect for you! Reach out to us and we will get back with you soon.